Zuper dons field service management cape for small business, enterprise customers | TechCrunch

Zuper, a field service management company, closed on $32 million in Series B funding to provide its customers with technologies and tools to cater to a wider range of workers. FUSE led the round and was joined by Prime Ventures and other existing partners.

While other field service management companies target specific parts of the market, Zuper was designed to encompass the entire workflow. Zuper’s platform provides automated workflows and workforce collaboration so that customers have the best possible experience, Zuper CEO Anand Subbaraj told TechCrunch.

We previously covered Zuper in early 2022 when the company raised a $13 million Series A. At that time, the Seattle-based company’s focus was on residential repair services. That has now evolved into working with small business and enterprise customers, Subbaraj said.

He notes that service organizations, both residential and commercial, are challenged in the diversity of their workforce. For example, putting into place governance and oversight on full-time workers versus contracted labor.

“It is paramount and critical for these organizations to have a platform that allows for that flexibility to manage this diversity of workforce, and to ensure that they are standardizing the operations that work consistently across all these workers,” Subbaraj said.

To do that, Zuper grew both vertically and horizontally. Its platform integrates with a service organization’s tech stack, including apps, customer relationship management software, payments and location intelligence. Users receive personalized support and reporting and analytics. Zuper also works with more industries now, including manufacturing, facility and property maintenance and renewable energy.

In 2022, the company had 150 customers, and now that is up to 500, Subbaraj said. Within that group there are more than 50,000 users of the Zuper platform. The company has handled over 10 million work orders in the last four months and processed over $100 million worth of payments.

The new investment gives Zuper a total of $46.1 million in venture-backed capital raised to date. Subbaraj plans to deploy the new funds into growing its mid-market and enterprise customer base, scaling globally and in technology development. He also looks to add 50 additional employees in 2024.

A new product on deck is a generative AI-powered chatbot called Zuper’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant, or ZIVA.

“We will continue to grow significantly,” Subbaraj said. “The projections are very strong for the next year and the following year. We announced ZIVA earlier this year, and it’s an alpha right now, but our goal is to bring GenAI to the field service management.”

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