In a chilling development on Halloween Day, the crypto community was hit with disturbing news as PeckShield, a renowned blockchain security company, revealed a series of rug pulls over the past few hours.

Rug pulls, a form of cryptocurrency scam, involve sudden and deliberate value drops in specific tokens, accompanied by the perpetrators swapping the native tokens for Ethereum (ETH). The meme coins affected by the rug pulls were identified as MEME, MEMEPAD, and TITANX.

Multiple Rug Pulls Shake Crypto Market On Halloween

According to PeckShield’s X (formerly Twitter) post, the MEME token on the Ethereum blockchain experienced a jaw-dropping 100% drop in value. The address 0xBd72…5871 was responsible for swapping a staggering 4,854,740,126,240,000 MEME tokens for approximately 43.68 ETH. 

It is important to note that the rug pull token shared the same name as the legitimate MEME token, adding to the confusion.

Similarly, the MEMEPAD token on Ethereum suffered an identical 100% value drop. The address 0xBd72…5871 conducted a swap of 4,854,740,126,240,000 MEMEPAD tokens for around 44.84 ETH. 

MEMEPAD’s rug pull. Source: MEMEPAD on

Once again, the fraudulent crypto rug pull shared the same name as the genuine MEMEPAD token, compounding the deceitful nature of the scam.

Additionally, the TITANX token launched two days ago, October 28, on Ethereum experienced a staggering 100% value decline. 

The address 0xBd72…5871 executed a swap of 4,854,740,126,240,000 TITANX tokens for approximately 46 ETH. Mirroring the previous instances, the rug pull token masqueraded under the same name as the legitimate TITANX crypto token.

Fantom Foundation Funds Vanish

In alarming events, the Fantom (FTM) Foundation finds itself entangled in a harrowing tale of fund drains and swift token swaps. PeckShield has reported two significant incidents involving the Fantom Foundation’s finances, leaving the organization with substantial losses.

The first incident occurred on October 17, 2023, when wallets associated with the Fantom Foundation were drained of approximately $7 million worth of cryptocurrencies, equivalent to around 4,500 ETH.

Additionally, on October 26, the Fantom Foundation faced another devastating event. An unidentified entity, the “Fantom Foundation Drainer,” executed a bold move by swapping a staggering 8,087,377.97 DAI for 4,560.52 ETH. 

The gravity of the situation intensified when the Fantom Foundation Drainer swiftly executed another swap on October 30, converting the 4,560.52 ETH back into approximately 8.3 million DAI within a mere 30 minutes. 

The Fantom Foundation is now faced with the daunting task of investigating the breaches, identifying the culprits, and fortifying its security infrastructure to prevent future incidents. 

FTM’s token uptrend over the past 30 days on the daily chart. Source: FTMUSDT on

Despite recent developments, the native token of the Fantom protocol, FTM, is trading at $0.2388, reflecting a 1% increase in the past 24 hours. 

Notably, the token has experienced a substantial surge across various time frames. Presently, it has maintained an upward trend, with gains of over 6% and 30% in the seven-day and fourteen-day periods, respectively. 

Over the year-to-date period, the token has recorded a 5% increase. These figures indicate the token’s positive performance and growth trajectory.

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