Bringing fallen ebike superstar VanMoof back to life

As we count down to TNW conference in Amsterdam on June 20 and 21, we’re profiling some of the sessions we’re most amped about.

As a cycling fanatic, I’m eagerly anticipating my conversation with Eliott Wertheimer, who joined VanMoof as co-CEO last year to rejuvenate the struggling ebike brand.

VanMoof filed for bankruptcy last year, leaving tens of thousands of riders stranded. Despite being one of the most heavily funded ebike startups in the world, VanMoof had been making major losses on its ebikes for years.

All startups struggle, especially those with big ambitions. Sometimes they go down for good, but other times they get a second chance. Thankfully, engineering firm McLaren Applied gave VanMoof a lifeline. They bought it out of administration in August of last year.

Reviving VanMoof

Eliott, who was working for Lavoie at the time, a subsidiary of McLaren Applied, got the job as co-CEO. He and his team had the tough task of saving a sinking ship — and they’ve done a bloody good job so far. In less than a year, they’ve managed to restart delivery of spare parts, opened dozens of third-party service centres, and resumed ebike sales.

Eliott will be pedalling into TNW Conference on Thursday, June 20, for an exclusive interview with yours truly on the Vision Stage. We’ll be discussing the trials and tribulations of reviving a struggling startup. How to pivot your strategy under pressure. And, most crucially, ways to build back trust in your brand.

A VanMoof arguably remains one of the most elegant, reliable, and high-performance ebikes around. Join the session and make up your own mind — do you think the company is doomed or will it return to its former glory like a phoenix from the ashes?

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