Google adds Gemini to its Education suite

Google introduced a ton of new Gemini-related products at its Google I/O developer conference recently, and its Education suite is also getting an AI boost.

The company is launching a Gemini add-on for educational institutes through Google Workspace. There’s a base plan called Gemini Education that’s available in English for educators and students over 18, which lets users tap Gemini in Docs, Sheets, Slides and Meet, and chat with the AI.

And then you have Gemini Education Premium, which, in addition to everything in the base plan, provides features like AI-powered note-taking and summaries in Meet, as well as data loss prevention. The company said the base tier is priced at $24 per month or $192 per year per user. The premium plan costs $36 per month or $288 per year per user.

Image Credits: Google

Students above 18 at educational institutes can use Gemini for free without either of these plans.

Image Credit: Google

The company said Gemini comes with new education-focused features. The AI can explain topics step-by-step, help students practice the material they’re learning, and can tap data from sources like Rice University’s OpenStax textbooks. Educators and instructors could use Gemini to create lesson plan templates, differentiate content to suit students, summarize research, personalize feedback, and more.

During Google I/O, the company also released LearnLM, a new set of generative AI models aimed at the education sector. The company said LearnLM is already present in products like YouTube, Google’s Gemini apps, Google Search and Google Classroom. Additionally, the company also said that it is adding AI-powered quizzing to academic videos on YouTube.

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