Watch: Solana is ushering in a new round of memecoin mania

Blockchain is back and Bitcoin is hot, the Ethereum blockchain is seeing price gains, and lots of folks are stoked about ETFs. But lately, one less-mainstream blockchain is perhaps making the biggest waves in crypto: Solana. TechCrunch has reported on Solana’s massive, recent price appreciation, digging into its rapid ascent and the reasons why.

That’s what we talked about on today’s TechCrunch Minute. The answer is not something new, but instead a return of something that we’ve seen in the past. To avoid spoiling the fun, I’ll just say that it involves Dogwifhat and Bonk. Those were fun words to say to camera!

Of course, there’s no harm in fun and price pumps are popular. But without a new central innovation, it’s probably fair to worry that the current crypto summer has less substance to it than prior booms that we’ve seen built atop something new, or at least newly popular. Not that the Dogwifhat folks are worried — they’re probably too busy having a great time.

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