Watch: TechCrunch Minute: A TikTok ban is looking more and more like impending reality

Well, that was fast. After a House subcommittee gave its assent to a bill that would force the divestment of TikTok or ban it in the United States, the House itself voted in the affirmative, albeit with a few dozen votes of dissent. Now it’s off to the Senate, where high-profile support has already been marshaled. TikTok users, however, are not taking the changing political winds — and their consequences — sitting down.

TechCrunch spoke with several TikTok users who are incensed about, and fighting back against, the potential ban of TikTok. Many small businesses would be impacted by the move, after all.

But while the talk of a possible ban is getting all the press, what about the potential of TikTok simply being divested from its parent company, ByteDance? That would resolve the United States government’s issues, right? Well, the Chinese government has made noise that it will allow no such sale. So, the bill may have two tracks in it for TikTok, but it could really just be a single-issue law in practice.

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