Exercise bike inspired by Ukraine war provides backup power during emergencies

Lithuanian startup Tukas EV has developed an exercise bike that harnesses the energy you produce while peddling and stores it as a backup source of power for household devices and appliances.

The exercise bike, dubbed HR Bank, was designed to provide urban dwellers with a reliable source of clean energy, but, perhaps more importantly, also for those in need of power during emergencies like natural disasters or wars.

“Our idea was that a person who bought an HR bank could not only use it as an external battery, charged from the sun or the grid, but in the absence of an external power source, could generate energy by pedalling,” said CEO Jonas Navickas.  

The HR Bank is essentially a giant power bank equipped with pedals and handlebars. It harnesses the kinetic energy produced as you peddle, converts it into electricity, and then stores it for later use.

HR Bank was designed to be easily transportable, and suitable for people of all ages due to an adjustable steering wheel, seat, and tilt angle. It can even become a workstation by attaching a desk, said the startup.  

the HR bank exercise bike